Many of us are trying to find convenient ways to get in enough exercise

Many of us are trying to find convenient ways to get in enough exercise

While many of us are pretty active anyway, it is still very important to start things at the, well, start. A beginner workout may seem a little behind your ability but it is crucial to begin slowly, no matter how active you already are. You may be surprised to find how challenging a beginner workout really is.

Exercise for beginners isn’t necessarily a breeze. There are many things that factor into a successful beginner workout program. First of all, you are more likely to drop out of a regimen that is too strict, too long and just too inconvenient for you to follow. A good beginner workout will start out slowly.

The exercise program for novices should also be time efficient. If you are spending too much time doing a lax beginner workout, you may find that you can’t fit the program into your busy schedule. You also may discover that you are not seeing the results that you should in enough time.

The ideal is a balance. The beginner workout needs to be short, challenging but not overly demanding. This is a delicate balance that is difficult to achieve. This is why I always recommend starting off with a simple stretching and walking routine. The whole approach is easy and you can fit your routine into any schedule.

The walker’s beginner workout consists of five to ten minutes of stretching. Then the participant walks briskly for about 30 minutes. A brisk walk will be challenging but you should be able to hold a conversation while in motion. If you can’t talk, slow down your walk. After the 30 minutes is up, all you need to do is stretch for five or ten minutes.

Once you get more comfortable with the routine you can begin making this beginner workout a little more challenging. Just add some intervals of intense exercise into the mix. I like to sprint for 30 seconds every five minutes during my 30 minute beginner workout routine.

This homemade exercise routine is just a personal preference. There are plenty of wonderful beginner workout DVDs on the market that offer the same benefits at a comfortable pace. You can even do these routines without leaving your home.

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